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PDi 360° Leadership Effectiveness Surveys©

PDi 360° Individual Contributor Surveys©

PDi 360° Internal Customer Satisfaction Surveys©

PDi 360° Multi-Stakeholder Assessments

What Are PDi 360° Surveys©?

PDi 360° Surveys target different points of view, so you can see yourself, your team, or your organization from a variety of perspectives. Unlike general surveys, where the ratings of these various groups would be averaged together into an overall question or category mean score, multi-rater reports highlight the differences so you can learn from them. For managers and executives who want to make sure they stay in touch with the needs and opinions of critical constituencies, multi-rater assessments offer the opportunity to ask each one for candid feedback while respecting confidentiality. Can you afford not to know?

PDi 360° Leadership SAMPLE Effectiveness Benchmark Survey (PDF File)

PDi 360° FAQs (PDF File)

PDi 360° Coaching Ethics (PDF File)

PDi 360° Coaching Core Competencies (PDF File)

PDi 360 Feedback Brochure (PDF File)

 PDi 360° Survey Options

At PDi, we can create a customized a PDi 360° Survey© for any situation you choose and are interested in. Usually, however, leaders and managers want to focus on a specific level of analysis, such as individual level feedback from co-workers, group level feedback from internal partners and internal customers, or organization level feedback from major stakeholders For more information on a specific multi-rater assessment, select a link below:

PDi 360° Leadership Effectiveness Surveys©
Where focal people rate themselves on critical skills, attitudes and behaviors, and then invite superiors, subordinates, peers, and others to rate them as well.

PDi 360° Internal Customer Satisfaction Surveys©
Where a work team rates themselves, and then invites their internal customers, and other teams, groups and departments they partner with to rate them as well.

PDi 360° Multi-Stakeholder Surveys©
Where the organization asks for feedback from important internal stakeholders (employees and owners), and external stakeholders (customers, vendors, unions, government agencies, the local community, etc.)

 Why Use Multiple Raters?

So far we have focused on the need for managers and executives to stay in touch with each of their major constituencies and stakeholders, and with good reason. Those who are out of touch run the risk of being blindsided by issues they did not see coming, because they did not look in that direction. Beyond the awareness issue lies learning styles. The unfortunate reality is that truth sometimes hurts, and a natural human reaction is to brush it off, dismiss it, or attack it, rather than accept it and make the needed changes. These dysfunctional reactions are harder to sustain, however, when the same feedback comes from multiple sources. As in a court of law, testimony from multiple, independent witnesses are harder to ignore. Better than a court of law, PDi does not judge you -- PDi will work with you, and provide our comprehensive PDi action planning process you so can follow-up on the survey results and make positive and productive improvements.

 Transforming PDi 360° Feedback into Performance Improvements

PDi 360° Surveys© provide the feedback, information and improvement recommendations needed to enhance performance. Transforming PDi 360° feedback into improvements requires seeing the forest and the trees. PDi 360° Surveys© will provide you with the feedback necessary to see both. As your knowledge about your strengths and areas for improvement grows performance will follow. It’s your PDi 360° Survey. It will tell you about what you do well and what to improve according to experts about you—your work colleagues

 Being Prepared

PDi 360° Surveys© provide the full circle data and information required for a comprehensive and detailed assessment of performance. By design, PDi 360° Surveys© are customized to be straightforward and outspoken. They will prepare you for the changes needed to improve your performance and keep you flexible. Forget the cookie cutter approach that limits 360 feedback. PDi 360° Surveys© let you measure your performance as needed with the benefits you desire—all provided by our insightful and supportive PDi consultants.

  Bold Moves Require Support and Courage

Listen, Aim, and Act…
Clearly, listening skills are required to effectively gather information and feedback before the aim and act part. PDi 360° Surveys© help in all three by providing the feedback, the identification of strengths and areas for improvement and making change. No confusion. No hesitation. Being bold and courageous by improving your performance is about positive actions. The future of individual careers and organizational success ultimately depends on what we do today and tomorrow.

PDi 360° Surveys© will provide the directions needed for the biggest changes you must make with yourself. We believe that the future success of our clients must be personalized, thus, we will help you with directions and support your bold moves. You will see that PDi never forgets who gets the credit for making the positive changes—you . . .

 PDi 360° Surveys© On-Site Training

PDi 360° Surveys© have a full portfolio of education and training programs available to optimize our client’s needs. PDi consultants can provide a 360° training program to fit your company’s requirements and budget considerations, including:

    PDi 360° Surveys Introduction
    PDi 360° Survey Results
    PDi 360° Survey Action Planning
    PDi 360° Survey Best Practices
    PDi 360° Survey Coaching Certifications

By arranging for a PDi consultant to deliver a PDi 360° Survey training program at your organization, you establish a number of additional benefits

Cost Savings
You maximize your PDi 360° Survey© programs while saving the expense of employee travel fees and missed work.

Customized Training
Your PDi consultant will partner with you to customize the training to the specific needs of your company.

PDi 360° Survey© Buy In
With PDi 360° Surveys© onsite training all participants and raters learn about the process prior to taking the survey thus improving their knowledge, confidence, trust and skills for providing performance based feedback. Consequently, the overall effectiveness of the PDi 360° Survey© process significantly improves.

 User Friendly Web Based Format

PDi 360° Surveys© provide state-of-the-art, web based, 24/7, secure, password protected survey administration. Our point and click formats makes for ease of use in taking the survey, reviewing results, guiding action planning and providing best practices..
PDi produces all reports online for easy access. We offer a wide range of reporting options designed to meet and exceed all reporting requirements.

Accuracy, speed and insightful analysis are guaranteed.

Please contact us for an online Demo of our PDi 360° Survey© formats and report samples.



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